records modular synthesis, programs sci-fi breakbeats and uses found sounds to provide the curious listener with objects of disco(mfort)... in other words: drosophelia writes music.


Drosophelias first full-length album (provisorily titled 'Imago') is set for release in summer 2019. it is the electronic eulogy for lost civilizations and repressed history.


Drosophelia can be streamed from the usual services (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play Music, YouTube, Amazon), Shazam, Pandora, Deezer, et al.

Downloadable tracks are also available for purchase on Bandcamp.


Single released July 3rd, 2019. Bridging the gap between Pupa and Imago, Diapause is algorithmically generated noise.


Four track EP released October 8th, 2018. Pupa contains a quartet of dark electronic paintings, inspired by low fidelity equipment and pop culture of decades past.


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